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Girls of Summer 2013




The ladies from Menstrual Monday bring you the 3rd Annual Girls of Summer Alleycat.

I was invited to film last year, and had tons of fun, met some new people and got to ride parts of the city I had never ridden before. 

So, if you’re a lady, or a chick, or whatever’s not a dude, come on out and have some fun!

There are thousands of dollars of prizes to be had, including a Capri from Raleigh bikes; bags from Seagull and Chrome; helmets from Pryme; plus lady stuff from Pinup Salon and much more!




Bike MS 2013

I first encountered Multiple Sclerosis when I was a kid. The wife of one my father’s co-workers came down with it in her 30′s. It can be a debilitating disease that shuts down the nervous system.

A few years ago, I found out a friend of mine from college was diagnosed with MS when we were in our early 20′s. 

Every year for the past 8 years, I have ridden the MS150/Bike MS here in Washington and in northern Idaho. 

Up here in the PacNW, we have the highest rates of MS in the nation. 

There is no known cause. There is no cure. 

I welcome anyone who wants to ride with us to ride with us. 

For those who can’t, please help by donating here.

9 to 5 Scavenger Hunt

Every year the guys from GoMeansGo put on the coolest ride of the year. In conjunction with the summer solstice, and the Freemont Solstice Ride, the Nine to Five is a scavenger hunt around the city of Seattle that starts promptly at 9:00 PM and goes until 5:00 AM the next day.

Teams of riders are given a manifest at the beginning with a list of tasks to do and objects to collect. At around midnight, riders meet at a checkpoint for a second manifest.

Riding throughout the city while most everyone else is asleep (or passed out from over consumption during the many solstice parties held around town), is an eerily exciting event. You can take the Express lanes on the freeway (not that I would know about that), you can ride down the middle of the street, you can moon fellow riders.

It’s just good, clean fun.

The event is team-based, so grab a friend or a few (preferably someone with cargo bikes) and hit the streets on June 22–23rd.  Registration is $25. Pre-registered riders get a T-shirt and catered breakfast with their entry fee.

Be like Nike. Just do it. But don’t employ underage Chinese children. Bad Nike!

The most fun you can have on 2 wheels. Clothing optional,

The most fun you can have on 2 wheels. Clothing optional,






I race with a cat named Mike from time to time.

Well, actually, Mike and I hang out at the starting line, and once the race starts, he swiftly moves to the front while I eat bacon off the back. It ain’t called Backfat for no reason.

But Mike and his friends have created a supercoolbadassmegafun band called “Sexdrug” that appeals to anyone over the age of 20, but under the age of dead. Sexdrug has the old dirty flavor of Seattle that IS Seattle. Fun n drrty. Fast n muddy.

Blah…..I’ve drank too much and written too much. Check them out.

They rock and/or roll.

Plus, they’re letting me use their music for this season’s videos.

RIP Jeff Hanneman

Not everyone who rides a fixed gear likes skinny jeans and Skrillex…Skillets….whatever.
Anyway, metal lost a great soul.

My Bicycle Has a Bell

Seattle’s Bike Expo is the highlight of my year. But it’s been getting smaller and smaller every year. Fortunately, it’s no less entertaining.
My brother convinced the owner of this restored automatic exercise bike to let him take it for a spin.

.83′s 8th FHR


With a fun loving middle finger aimed at Cascade Bicycle’s annual Chilly Hilly, the assholes from .83 Bicycle Club have taken the (some would say) overpriced “season opener” classic ride and turned it into a race full of whiskey and chili…which are included with the $7 entry fee. Cascade’s ride does not feature whiskey and you have to pay extra if you want chili at the end.

I have a handful of friends who ride with.83, so I was familiar with the laid back anti-Spandex attitude of the club in contrast to the weekend warrior Spandex-clad people that tend to gravitate toward Cascade. As a former Cascade member who is still disenfranchised about some of the culture within the club, I thought this would be the perfect chance to get out and have some fun with people who ride year round, all the time, and not just during the warmer, drier season here in Seattle.

We met under the ever crumbling viaduct at 8:00 am for registration, donuts, coffee and Jolly Roger race bibs. Beers, 4Lokos and whiskey-spiked coffees were openly consumed as part of the breakfast regiment. After registration, we boarded the ferry bound for Bainbridge Island. On said ferry, we holed up on the top observation deck where more coffee and whiskey was consumed. A cold wind rocked the boat….or maybe it was just the whiskey that made it FEEL like the boat was rocking. 

Anyway, we managed to squeeze through the mass of Cascade freds to the “official” starting point. After a quick group-up, we were off like a turd of hurdles, making our way through Cascade weeble wobble newbie traffic. 

Some guy almost slid into a mailbox. Not sure if he was an FHR rider or not, but he looked okay despite the fact he was sprawled out on the ground. Ambulances were called. Cops came.

At the whiskey stop nearest the finish line, again, cops came. We got shut the fuck down. 

Finish line gathering produced some chili, tons of prizes and schwag.

And again, cops came. We were shut down. 

Despite the B.I. fun police, I had a great time riding with some really cool people and can’t wait to do it next year. 





Fucking Hills Race 2013

The assholes from .83 are hosting the 8th annual Fucking Hills Race next Sunday, the 24th.

With a middle finger to the Cascade Bicycle Club’s Chilly Hilly, the Fucking Hills Race is a race, not a family friendly fun ride like the Cascade event. The FHR features prizes, and FREE chili…unlike the Cascade version which you have to pay $6 for your chili. Plus, the FHR is cheaper:

Check it out: Chilly Hilly $28+$6 for chili=$34 and no prizes.

FHR $7 +$7.50 ferry ticket+free chili+prizes= $14.50 with prizes included.

It’s sort of like an alleycat on the open roads of yuppie infested  Bainbridge Island.

I hope to see all you assholes there.



Alleycat Commute

Alleycat Commute

My Redline 925 daily rider with a Sturmey-Archer S3X fixed gear 3 speed hub. I was running Soma Sparrow bars on the bike at the time as well as a Wald basket.

People ask me why I commute by bike all the time, and I tell them it’s because I’m in no rush to get to work but I’m in a hurry to get home.

Seattle Bike Blog’s Cranksgiving

Filmed by fatguyonabike for Featuring Madi from Family Ride

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