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.83′s 8th FHR


With a fun loving middle finger aimed at Cascade Bicycle’s annual Chilly Hilly, the assholes from .83 Bicycle Club have taken the (some would say) overpriced “season opener” classic ride and turned it into a race full of whiskey and chili…which are included with the $7 entry fee. Cascade’s ride does not feature whiskey and you have to pay extra if you want chili at the end.

I have a handful of friends who ride with.83, so I was familiar with the laid back anti-Spandex attitude of the club in contrast to the weekend warrior Spandex-clad people that tend to gravitate toward Cascade. As a former Cascade member who is still disenfranchised about some of the culture within the club, I thought this would be the perfect chance to get out and have some fun with people who ride year round, all the time, and not just during the warmer, drier season here in Seattle.

We met under the ever crumbling viaduct at 8:00 am for registration, donuts, coffee and Jolly Roger race bibs. Beers, 4Lokos and whiskey-spiked coffees were openly consumed as part of the breakfast regiment. After registration, we boarded the ferry bound for Bainbridge Island. On said ferry, we holed up on the top observation deck where more coffee and whiskey was consumed. A cold wind rocked the boat….or maybe it was just the whiskey that made it FEEL like the boat was rocking. 

Anyway, we managed to squeeze through the mass of Cascade freds to the “official” starting point. After a quick group-up, we were off like a turd of hurdles, making our way through Cascade weeble wobble newbie traffic. 

Some guy almost slid into a mailbox. Not sure if he was an FHR rider or not, but he looked okay despite the fact he was sprawled out on the ground. Ambulances were called. Cops came.

At the whiskey stop nearest the finish line, again, cops came. We got shut the fuck down. 

Finish line gathering produced some chili, tons of prizes and schwag.

And again, cops came. We were shut down. 

Despite the B.I. fun police, I had a great time riding with some really cool people and can’t wait to do it next year. 





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2 thoughts on “.83′s 8th FHR

  1. The “Inside Bainbridge ” blog says “a biker clipped a mailbox, fell, and broke an arm. ” link

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